The most dynamic assessment of people, processes and technology in ICS.

Facility Owners

Assessments and remediations can be a real pain. The platform was built to make your day to day work life better.

Reduced team impact. Reduced overall workload. Better visibility for everyone into the process. Using automation and simple workflows, we're keeping you from having to travel so much and pull people off their jobs for Q&A meetings. You get to move from doing all the work yourself, to being notified when it's finished and reports are ready.


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Chief Information Security Officers

Your role sits at a tough intersection point of needing to be both tactical and strategic. Our insights engine was designed to help make this easier.

Understand company-wide risk. Demonstrate preparedness. Forecast future risk. With a real-time view of your people, processes and technology you can quickly and easily understand your risk posture. If the leadership team is discussing changes, plug in those variables and our intelligent insights engine will show risk changes for that future scenario.


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Chief Financial Officers

Cybersecurity initiatives can be difficult to invest in. Which KPIs will show success? When will we know value is added? We can help with this.

From a budget perspective, our customers usually look at these KPIs: Need to increase headcount reduced, travel costs cut or eliminated, and consulting fees cut or eliminated. For outcome value, they look at how much faster they can improve risk compared to years past, and how many more assessments they can do in a shorter timeframe (providing better data for leadership decisions).

Our platform enables a company to recognize value as of the first completed assessment (which can be done within 1 hour of starting with us). For Governance Risk and Compliance software, ROI this fast is unheard of. Our customers see cost savings that more than justify their spend with us and begin recognizing that value added immediately.


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