Purpose-built to secure
operational technology

Built by IT auditors and OT Security Engineers with experience from Fortune 50 to mid-market critical infrastructure companies.

SecurityGate was designed to be the place where OT and IT work together as a team.

Operational technology is different

A key obstacle that OT and IT leaders face is creating a shared, comprehensive, accurate and understandable picture of OT risk in a dynamic environment. Traditional security tools and GRC tools were not built originally to handle the unique considerations around operational technology.

These leaders and their teams lack a software solution that applies business context to an OT risk assessment framework that’s appropriate for OT people, processes, and technology.

OT needs different risk tools

Data center vulnerability assessment tools scan IT system vulnerabilities to provide a scorecard. SecurityGate automates the human processes and enables you to quickly scan and identify core weakness around the human processes. We complement the technology assessment tools.

A collaboration platform for OT, IT, and critical suppliers

SecurityGate is where organizations develop, communicate, and manage their OT cyber risk game plan.

SecurityGate makes GRC tools better

GRC tools are very flexible, feature rich tools that are typically not used by business units and lack the capabilities OT risk management need. Some GRC tools can support risk management questionnaires, but frequently take 6-12 months to implement and expertise that may or may not be available on the team.

Go beyond risk ratings

Risk ratings are a singular, one-dimensional view that don’t sufficiently capture the true picture. Ratings are also subjective and there’s no industry standard. Instead, organizations should view risk scores as benchmark to compare across assets and suppliers, and to then drive behavior. SecurityGate allows you to integrate business criticality and other factors to see a more holistic view.

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No organization is 100% secure against cyber risk. No organization wants their operational technology to be attacked. Not being aware of the problems carries the same risk as knowing there are problems and moving towards resolving them.

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