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Identifying risks is expensive. Organizations primarily deduce risk through onsite audits, but human capital costs limit scalability as regulatory and client-driven compliance requirements increase in complexity.

Changing regulations and growing needs lead to missed details in assessments.  Details that could cost $100M+ dollars later in a breach… or even put a company out of business.


Our Solution

The SecurityGate platform manages the entire threat risk assessment process. View, compare, manage, and securely store history of valuable risk insights for vendors, clients, or internal assets in our ALL-IN-ONE platform.

Our self-assessment cyber risk modules can be scaled instantaneously across vast ecosystems 10X FASTER than human-based auditing.


Benefit By Company Type

Small & Medium Business

Primary Challenge
Complying with client-driven cyber standards takes cyber expertise I don't have on staff

Use Case
Periodic self-assessments display top cyber gaps, rank ordered by severity; self-generated reports showcase compliance

- Maintain contracts with your top clients
- Focusing on core business rather than cyber assessments

Middle Market

Primary Challenge
Limited resources available to identify and manage cyber risks

Use Case
Establish or enhance the visibility of cyber risk across a growing ecosystem of clients, assets, or vendors by enforcing a low-impact recurring threat risk assessment process

- Enhance market position by showcasing continual improvement of risk management system
- Reduce long-term costs of implementing large-scale risk reduction programs


Primary Challenge
Continually identify and manage risk across vast, digitally-connected ecosystems of vendors, assets, and partners

Use Case
Scale vendor risk management; audit, validate and remediate at scale to identify top ecosystem risks through comparative analysis

- Re-allocate human resources from finding risk to reducing risk, lower cyber insurance, and enforce compliance
- Securely store chain of custody documentation for remediated risks overtime

Channel Partnership

Primary Challenge
Completing cyber assessments of clients is important, but expensive and time-consuming

Use Case
Reach more clients by automating client cyber assessment process, providing time to reach more clients

- Provide instantaneous and impactful feedback to clients on cyber risk with an automated platform and reports
- Assess, remediate, validate client programs from one could-based platform

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