The cyber risk collaboration platform for operational technology ecosystems

A single location to manage risk assessment and remediation efforts across your operational technology assets and critical suppliers.

Align Stakeholders

Focus everyone on highest value efforts

Generate a shared understanding of business context for critical assets and suppliers to enable prioritized, agreed to plans for assessment and remediation efforts.

Start Fast

Use pre-built questionnaires or configure yours

We’ve worked with experts to intelligently design out-of-the-box OT and IT questionnaires based on industry frameworks and compliance models. For companies committed to their own questionnaires, we can configure them quickly in the system for you.

Scale Your Assessment Capacity

Automate questionnaire distribution and collection

Use online workflows and collaboration portals to replace emailed spreadsheets. SecurityGate helps your program cost-effectively scale, enables your team to evolve from data collectors to risk managers, and reduces time and any travel cost per assessment.

Accelerate Risk Remediation

Deliver prioritized, prescriptive next steps

Enables Risk Managers to identify missing controls and assign remediation tasks to the correct owner. The system provides multi-party communication and collaboration, document management, and retention log of all activity.

Continuously Monitor Risk Posture

See change in a dynamic environment

Cyber risk assessment in critical infrastructure ecosystems can’t be send a survey once and be done. Companies need a steady supply of dynamic data to provide real-time visibility into threat intelligence and mitigation efforts.

Measure Improvement Over Time

Create a baseline and comparison model

Everyone needs to know how the risk postures of different critical assets and suppliers change over time. Most companies struggle to capture this. SecurityGate provides a standard risk metric to use across a dynamic cyber security environment.

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