SecurityGate Presents at Halliburton LIFE

Last week, I had the distinct privilege of presenting “The Future of Supply Chain Security in a Digitally Connected World” at the Halliburton Life conference. I was amazed at the quality of the event – and humbled to be included in such an auspicious group of speakers. The event focused on the application of digital technologies in the oil and gas industry to increase productivity and produce business value. While the presenters are the best and brightest in O&G, also included were speakers from other industries and academia whose work will broaden the scope of knowledge across the industry.

I was particularly grateful to be included in the Imagine! track which spotlighted innovation and new ideas on a variety of topics. This track included talks on Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Social Engineering Systems by presenters from major corporations and universities.  I was pleased that the attendees at my talk were engaged and asked some interesting questions which kept the conversation going into the social event that followed.

If you have the opportunity to attend next year, I cannot recommend the Halliburton Life event highly enough.