Houston’s Veteran Business Support Network

SecurityGate was honored to participate in yesterday’s Veterans Day Pitch Event hosted by 1836. This event brought together a cross-section of leaders in Houston’s entrepreneurial community, venture capital, private equity and industry sectors. This event both honors Veterans Day and provides support for veteran-owned start-up businesses.

During the SecurityGate pitch, we highlighted the continual value we gain from working with the 1836 Veterans organization, evidenced by our traction in 2018. Two keys in establishing a niche market are a) finding targeted clients who need your product and b) making the tough call not chase after all customers who could potentially use it. The simplest way to find out where your product, clients and strategy align is to speak to a lot of companies. 1836 Veterans has proven instrumental in facilitating introductions into various sectors, including banking, oil and gas, healthcare, utilities, insurance and retail.

In the past nine months, we have met, almost weekly, with decision makers in virtually every industry because of 1836 Veterans, whose mission is to match military veterans with the investment capital and execution resources that veterans need in order to acquire, scale and operate businesses in the lower middle market.

Their guidance and support have given us the feedback every tech startup needs to effectively learn the market, identify trends, enhance feature sets, refine the offering and tighten our pricing model. 1836 Veterans is a use case for ecosystem connectivity and I’m confident we’ll continue to grow our market share based on their continued involvement in our team.