Remediation Workflow Manager

When everyone knows what to do, remediations speed up.

Risk Managers can identify missing controls and assign prioritized remediation tasks to the correct owner. Better still, each team can have visibility into the whole process. They'll know you need something before you tell them you need it.

Accelerate Risk Remediation

Respondent Portal

One place for everyone involved to be involved.

Individuals, multiple teams, suppliers and vendors could all be participating in a remediation effort. Coordinating and manually archiving all that communication is a pain (not to mention, it could be a legal liability).

Wouldn't it be nice if you could give them limited access to a single place where they could discuss and collaborate? Wouldn't that make remediations faster and easier? Our customers tell us it does. It's why we built the Respondent Portal.


Validation Collector & Risk Registry

Everything supporting your remediations in one spot.

Digging through email threads, ticketing systems and spreadsheets to find out who gave an approval takes forever. Having it all together puts you a couple of clicks away from requesting documentation that a control is in place. When risks are accepted as-is, the acceptance is logged and reports can be pulled for compliance. All data is securely stored for fast future reference.

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