Unlimited assessments. No matter how big your company is.

Our pricing packages below are based on the number of entities (facilities, vessels, vendors, etc) you want to focus on.

Every entity receives unlimited assessments. Forever.

Why price this way? Here are a few reasons our customers pulled us in this direction:

Predictable costs, in control.

You will need new assessments. That doesn't mean your costs should grow.

Companies conduct assessments for growth and all sorts of other reasons. One thing is certain, you will need to conduct assessments in the future. If you're paying per assessment, that means your costs will always go up.

With SecurityGate.io, and our entity-based pricing, you'll never see a cost increase because you need to run another assessment or work through a remediation.

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Pricing is aligned with cyber goals.

No one should have to choose between safety and budget.

Entity-based pricing aligns with your goals of keeping your teams safe, maintaining compliance needs, and protecting operational up-time.

With us, you don't have to worry about fighting for a budget increase, and then waiting on a long approval process, to conduct a new assessment when you need it.


Conduct a full assessment, then never do it again.

Adaptive assessments prevent the need for recurring whole-org re-assessments.

After you've gone through an assessment, if no changes have been made since last time, why go through the whole process all over again?

With SecurityGate.io adaptive assessments give you the ability to focus on making improvements. We'll update your risk posture scores and provide assessment and compliance reports that reflect the new changes.

Entity-based pricing supports this, helping you maintain compliance and make progress on maturity goals. Learn more.


Risk Management Packages



Baseline is for companies working to establish risk scores. They use these metrics to understand how to prioritize efforts in building their risk program.


Unlimited assessments for every entity.

Unlimited users to collaborate with.

Respondent Portal with role-based limited access.

All assessment frameworks available.

New! Mobile app. Works with low/no data connectivity for field-access to assessments.

Virtual Assessment Assistant

Subject Matter Expert assessment assistance

Dynamic Security Control Map (NIST based)

Risk Collaboration Center

Machine Learning Intelligent Insights Engine

Access to fully-automated assessment reports



Accelerate is designed for companies with risk stakeholders across teams and vendors who need to work together efficiently and make improvements faster.


Everything in Baseline, Plus+

Business context-aware, intelligent Power Score

Configurable Module Builder for custom frameworks

Remediation manager workflows

Subject Matter Expert remediation assistance

Validation collector and repository for audits

Access to pre-built integrations (add-on)

Additional reports covering maturity progress

Configurable reports as an option (add-on)



Integrate is ideal for companies who are bridging the gap between IT and OT, where the focus is shifting to the integration of major systems with more automation.


Everything in Baseline & Accelerate, Plus+

Pre-built integrations included

Custom-configured: Frameworks, Modules

Custom-configured: Reports

Custom-configured: Dashboards

System Integrations

Each package is priced based on the number of entities you want to focus on.
Contact us for volume pricing and we'll also provide a comparison with your current costs.
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