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The easiest way to assess SecurityGate is to start using it. We created standard, intelligently optimized OT and IT assessment questionnaires for immediate use. These questionnaires are based on leading industry frameworks and models and deliver for increased efficiency and accuracy. Larger companies often have their own modified frameworks, and we customize SecurityGate to support these.

Our team has OT and IT risk management experience from Fortune 50 to mid-market firms. We will help you think about what's valuable and realistic for your organizations based on needs and capacity. Together, we'll develop a plan that helps you move at the optimal speed for your organization.

Implementation Workshop

SecurityGate is a SaaS-based solution which means we can create your account in minutes. Included with every subscription is a series of short, facilitated workshops where we work with you and your extended team to develop a successful rollout plan.

Topics Covered:

  • Critical assets and suppliers
  • Risks, impact, and likelihood
  • Controls and control owners
  • Assessment frequency
  • Attestation surveys, questions, and required evidence
  • Dashboard and reporting for different stakeholders

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