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All Digital

Requires zero in-person contact. Employees can take the short wellness screening online or use our mobile app.

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Real-Time Status

View screening results 24/7 and ensure employees are keeping their information up to date.

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Automated Reports

Screening data is instantly turned into reports in our secure portal, ready for compliance needs.

Watch a short, 2 min tour through the app.

And, to make things even easier: a digital return-to-work compliance kit.

All the things you'll have to have, but without spending the time to create them.

  • Pre-written, fill-in-the-blank policies for governance and compliance.
  • Guide for needed operational changes with to-do check lists.
  • Ready-to-send employee communications about the changes.
  • A digital poster you can print and hang at office entrances reminding the team to use the app.

We get the challenge you're facing - we're facing it too.

We wanted a way to bring our team back together that didn't require loads of time for new screening processes or weekends full of turning spreadsheets into reports. And, we wanted our team to feel safe coming back to the office. That means they should know others are not coming into the office if they shouldn't be. We are excited to share what we've built and look forward to helping other teams get back up to speed safely.

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