The Latest Challenge To Businesses: Ensuring Personnel Safety from COVID-19 Using Security Solutions

The Latest Challenge To Businesses: Ensuring Personnel Safety from COVID-19 Using Security Solutions

With every country doing the best it can to bring the economy back on the rails after COVID-19, has introduced an excellent solution for ensuring the safety of employees returning to work.


The entire world is struggling to get back on its feet after days of continuous lockdown due to COVID-19 or Coronavirus. Businesses have multiple challenges to overcome. One is to bring the economy back on track. Besides, organizations have to ensure that their employees are healthy and remain unaffected by the pandemic. proposes a viable solution to these challenges by introducing a secure mobile application that can monitor and ensure the health of the employees in an organization.


The Challenges Businesses Face Post COVID-19

COVID-19 has paralyzed economies all around the world. Businesses across the globe are finding it a challenge to open up and contribute to the growth of the economy. With the relaxation of the lockdowns in a phased manner, the businesses are slowly limping back to normalcy. One of the most challenging assignments faced by organizations in this period is to ensure that its employees remain safe as they return to work. 

The Texas governor has issued specific guidelines that businesses, as well as its citizens, should follow in these uncertain times. Monitoring the health of employees returning to work is an area of prime concern. To implement these guidelines securely is a massive challenge, indeed. Healthcare systems have experience in managing such situations, but the regular businesses could struggle to do it in a standardized way. 

A comprehensive solution is necessary for monitoring and assessing the health of employees to prevent the pandemic from resurfacing in a big way.


The SG ( Solution At Your Disposal

Employee safety is of prime importance, with the pandemic displaying its tendency to resurface at any point. Therefore, it becomes imperative for employees to remain safe. As it would not be possible to screen each employee clinically, self-assessment of health parameters gains importance. It is now possible by using a dedicated mobile app designed specifically for this purpose by has remained experts in managing cybersecurity risks for long. However, offering their share of social responsibility, they are now committed to helping Texas in whichever way they can in mitigating the risks related to COVID-19. The new solution rolled out can help businesses to streamline the process of administering COVID-19 health screening of their employees.


Functioning: How Does The SG Solution Work?

The conventional method followed by businesses worldwide is by sharing emails and Excel spreadsheets. Employees have to fill in data and share information with their employers. This process involves cumbersome logistics and hence can prove inadequate to manage a situation as grave as it is today. 

However, the simplified mobile application-based solution has introduced is easy for employees to comply with. Besides, the employee screening done by organizations using the answer is in adherence to Texas Guidelines.

  • Set Up – Organisations have to define their business profile and create admin accounts to monitor employee information. The admins have the following responsibilities.
    • Creating an individual profile of each employee in the organization.
    • Sending a link to each employee using which they can download the mobile app.
    • Creating login credentials for each employee and subsequently sharing it with them.


Employees proceed to download the mobile app and log in using their credentials.

  • Assessment – Employees can use the mobile app and perform daily self-assessment of their health condition. The simple process requires the employee to answer specific questions that provide vital indications of their status. These questions adhere to Texas Guidelines on temperature checks and symptoms. Employees have to provide accurate information regarding coming into contact with any COVID-19 positive patients.


  • Review – Admins are responsible for monitoring the data shared by the employees on their mobile apps. They should review each employee and ensure that he/she takes the self-assessment test regularly. 


The Advantages Of Using The SG Platform


The SG solution is an interactive one, whereby it becomes easy to assess and review the health condition of each employee. 

  • Trackable: This solution is comparatively more effective than conventional methods like email and spreadsheet sharing. The organization gets first-hand information about the health status of each of its employees.


  • Mobile-based: The employee finds it easy to answer questions flashed on a mobile screen using an app. Sharing documents using spreadsheets, emails, and shared drives can be done away with. Using a mobile app is relatively convenient.


  • Automated & Digitized: The organization benefit from the automation and digitization process that makes health screening comfortable. The questions have are framed in such a way that they comply with Texas Guidelines on temperature checks and symptoms.


  • Connected: The mobile apps connect through a web-based platform. It becomes easy for the admins to track the results of the screenings and ensure that the employees update information regularly.


  • Secure: With the data collection becoming more convenient, it becomes easy to monitor the personal safety of the employees. Secondly, the online platform is a secure one with access to authorized employees alone. 


  • Notification: Employees can get notifications when they experience symptoms of COVID-19. The app also ensures to alert the employee if he/she comes into contact with another employee showing COVID-19 signs. This feature can help the employees exercise appropriate caution.


Is The App An Alternative To The Standard Safety Protocols?

The app is useful for businesses to evaluate the health condition of their employees. However, it is not a substitute for the standard safety protocols stipulated by the Government. People should continue to maintain social distancing and exercise other precautionary measures announced by the Texas Government.


Final Words

In these critical times of COVID-19, the economy of all countries have gone into a tailspin. It is an arduous task to bring it back on track. At the same time, the safety of the employees is a significant concern. It is the responsibility of every business to ensure that the employees returning to work remain safe. Under these circumstances, the mobile app is a real blessing as it does a great job in tracking the health screenings of all employees in conformation with the Texas Guidelines for COVID-19.