Cybersecurity Risks Are Evolving At An Unprecedented Rate, Our Solutions Are A Step Ahead.


Managing information risks in and enterprise environment has never been easy. Finding out an end-to-end risk management solution has been a challenge for the organizations, but not any more. With the ever-evolving risk universe, our products and services are continuously being upgraded by our security experts, engineers, and researchers before cyber adversaries can pose a challenge to your enterprise’s security posture by compromising confidentiality, integrity, or availability of information. Here is how we have upgraded our security solutions to the next level:


Understanding the Key Changes


What Has Changed in the Risk Registry Module?

The Risk Registry is a tool that comes from industry-wide best practices and standards. It allows organizations to have a repository of identified risks which can then be addressed on and documented.

With the risk registry, users can incorporate a Risk Acceptance process for centralized management and documentation of risks. The tool gives your organization greater control by providing clear insight into existing risks and by providing the ability to accept those risks through a well-documented process.


How Have the Functionalities in The Configurable Module Builder Have Been Enhanced?

The all-new configurable module builder lets you use your own modules as a template within the platform. You can use it to create templates, add questions, and assign custom assessments



Updated Validations Workflow

The Validations workflow allows your admins to validate whether controls in finished assessments are in place for further documentation.

Items that had corresponding controls at the time of assessment will get related items for validation by admins created automatically.

Admins may then take action and request validation of these items through proof like documentation and assign those validations to a point of contact at the corresponding entity.



All New SecurityScoreCard Integration

SecurityScorecard is a reputed information security company that rates cybersecurity postures of corporate entities through the scored analysis of cyber threat intelligence signals. It allows for better third-party management and IT risk management.

We have partnered with SecurityScorecard so you can scan your entities’ associated website domains for vulnerabilities and pull them into your Entities view. This evaluation of your organization’s cybersecurity posture based on people and processes can significantly help in risk mitigation.



New Module for ICS Owners Based on NIST 800-82


Industrial Control Systems are often an easy target for cybercriminals. We have released a new module for ICS owners that can evaluate performance against the SP 800-53 control families and implementation considerations for ICS owners. The module is based on the NIST SP800-82 Section 6.2: Guidance on the Application of Security Controls to ICS.


All New Maritime Cyber Assessment Services – Adheres to BIMCO & IMO Guidelines


With our BIMCO and IMO guidelines based Maritime cyber assessment module, ship owners can rest in peace that their vessels will not get damaged by cybercriminals.



Introducing Helpful Walkthroughs for Our Users


We have made new walkthrough videos to help users become accustomed to our system. New users will automatically find the walkthrough with the help of a popup, and it can be accessed anytime using the menu bar by clicking on

Help -> Get Started



New and Improved Report filtering

Our workflow for generating reports has been improved, and users will now see only entities that have completed at least one assessment with the relevant module as them



Export Roadmap to PDF Ability


You can now show your team a customized Roadmap of controls without logging in. All you have to do is export the roadmap, and print.





Check Important Information on the Announcement Banner


You’ll now be able to keep an eye out for important information using the announcement banner. Check the Main Dashboard for the banner and never miss important announcements again.



Personalized Expert Recommendations for SG OT Maturity Module


You can now get personalized clarification from experts for plugging gaps in your controls. Simply schedule a new assessment to find updated remediation recommendation and helper text which carry over to the Remediation Workflow.

You can access Remediation Recommendations in

  • Remediation Workflow

  • Remediation Report (pictured below)

  • Full Audit Report


Some General Improvements


Improvements to The Main Dashboard

We have made insights and styling improvements to the main dashboard by adding Helper text to the graphs. Users can click on the visuals below for additional information on threats and risks.


Updates to the SG OT Maturity Module 


We have updated the helper text in the SG OT module. You can now get personalized clarification from subject matter experts on what a question is asking. Simply schedule a new assessment to find remediation recommendations and updated helper text in our OT Maturity Module.


Updated Reports –Full Audit Reports, Executive Summaries and NIST CSF


We have given our reports some TLC and updated their formatting for enhancing readability and consistency. You can now get Remediation Recommendations from full audit reports for any OT Maturity Assessment.


Executive Summary Report Now Contains Cyber Roadmap


In our recent update, we have added the ability to view your Cyber Roadmap at the end of the executive report. You can view this by generating a report and scrolling to the bottom.


We have Shifted the Assessment Calendar to Assessments Screen


We’ve borrowed UI tips from renowned organizing consultant Marie Kondo to make things sleeker and better organized. In keeping with her principles, the Calendar Tab has been moved to the Assessments Tab. 2.0 Video Highlights