About Us

Our Values. Our Vision.

Empowering Humans, Not Replacing Them

In 2017, we saw plenty of hardware and software solutions focused on blocking and announcing cyberattacks, but we saw no technologies were up to the task of improving the cyber risk assessment process from a business perspective. To achieve this, we build product offerings for integrating unique industry risks into the assessment process. The result: data that drives meaningful decisions and reduces long-term risk.

All Supported By The Human Touch

We believe our customers know the problem they’re facing better than anyone. Ensuring our clients are continually delighted and satisfied is our top priority. To do this, we commit our domain expertise—from our engineers to our research team—to collaborate directly with our customers throughout every step of engagement in the product lifecycle.

Technology Which Simplifies the Complex

Evaluating and managing risk across growing digital ecosystems is hard enough, but changing regulations are complicating the cyber risk assessment process. Our industry-domain experience positions us to simply understand the implications better:  breaches costing $100MM+ put companies at risk of going out of business. We’re at the leading edge of prevention by keeping the worst-case scenario as our focus.

Where We're Going

Companies from Energy, Insurance, and Defense sectors are using SecurityGate to help them make commercial transactions across vast ecosystems safer.

We see the world as changing quickly. Industry-specific verticals and government agencies are creating new divisions solely focused on establishing and monitoring regulations and standards aimed at reducing digital risks. Evaluating risk effectively today is not only necessary, but it is also becoming a clear differentiator in a company’s path to success.

We are working to build a future in which commercial enterprises large and small can securely expand into new markets, meet regulation requirements, and spur innovation to create more opportunities on a global scale.

Ted Gutierrez

Co-founder & CEO
  • 15+ years risk management
  • Supply chain expert

Cherise Esparza

Co-founder & CTO
  • 15+ years global cyber leader
  • Enterprise cyber thought leader

Jim Colson

Technical Advisor
  • IBM Fellow
  • SaaS, AI, machine learning, product offering, and customer engagement expert